Friday, October 26, 2012

Poem of the Week: Fixing a Watch (Another Metaphor for Writing)

Fixing a Watch                                                      Writing an Essay

                                                       First, examine
the watch                                                                                              the idea
                                      make some notes, if necessary and take
the watch                                                                                            the idea apart.

                            Spread the parts out and try to see how they work.

Clean the parts and                                                                   look at the thoughts

                               Then carefully put them together in good order, 

                                 Be careful, be conscientious, and persevere:

                                     Don't give up until it's done and then

                                      when everything works as it should,


the watch                                                                                                   the writing

and set it going                                                                                and read it over

                                                 and then step back and

                                                     admire your work.

--Dan Verner

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  1. Have been doing just that yesterday and today--but there's nothing there about throwing out the bad parts (no matter how attached you are to them) and replacing them with new ones. That's the hard part for me.