Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sing to the Lord

Last night, the children's choirs at our church (Manassas Baptist) did their end-of-the-year program with a rendering of Ken Medema's "Story Tellin' Man" involving four choirs with a total of 96 children and 18 leaders. (Full disclosure: my wife Becky directs the oldest children's choir and coordinates the program and daughters Amy and Alyssa work with the grade 1-3 choir.) I have probably been to about 35 of these programs and the kids are always charming and amazing.  They do their music from memory and while they make mistakes here and there, they sing well and with enthusiasm.

About 130 parents and friends heard the program and responded enthusiastically to the songs. The parents bring the kids week after week and help them learn their parts. Watching their reaction is almost as good as watching the children.

The program made note that the leaders have a total of 263 years experience with children's choirs. These dedicated people have amazing gifts for working with children which they use freely.  We are truly blessed that they do this important work of imparting the faith and giving children an important experience.

The coming of summer doesn't mean the end of musical experiences.  There's a state music camp at the Baptist assembly at Eagle Eyrie outside Lynchburg in late July and then our very own Music Camp the first week in August at the church. Both camps involve music but also include classes, crafts, and recreation. If you have children or grandchildren who might enjoy a camp experience, call my wife at 703-361-2146 x 291 for information. There is a charge for each camp, but it's minimal, and scholarships are available.

The closing song last night was "Sing to the Lord." It starts "Sing to the Lord, praise his name and shout out loud1  Sing to the Lord, for he is good!" To that and to the children in their choirs, their leaders and their parents, friends and relatives, I say, "Amen!"

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