Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talented Daughter and Proud Mom

Beth Markley is a FB friend who lives half a world away in Japan. She posts the most interesting links, observations and pictures, all reminders of how this electronic media brings the world to us.

Beth's daughter, Rachel, is at the University of Chicago, studyi
ng to be an actuary. She's taking calculus as a freshman and likes languages, having studied Serbian, Japanese and Latin (six years). She crochets, spins her own yarn and won a grant to 'yarnbomb' the campus with yarn made objects. One of her talents is making crochet animals.

Her proud mama adds, "I find her to be a delightful person." :)

By going to the site below and clicking "like," people can support her desire to learn to be in the circus.


To which mom adds, "I know, right?"

From my first trapeze taster class! It was so fun. I love being in the air.

(I remember when kids threatened to run away and join the circus when home life didn't suit them. Now they can take classes in college! As Willie Nelson sang, "What a Wonderful World!" )


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