Monday, May 28, 2012

Keeping On Keeping On

Before I get into the matter at hand, I'd like to note that Biscuit City has been delivered fresh-baked posts (271 of 'em) every weekday for a year now. Thanks to the BC followers, to the readers and to everyone who commented on the posts or encouraged me in the past twelve months. You are all the best! Writing this has been (in the immortal words of Mick Jagger) a gas gas gas. I plan to keep on, with maybe a week or two summer vacation in July. My dad and I are planning a coast-to-coast train trip in August, and I'll certainly blog about that. (I think Amtrak has wi fi.)

All rightie, then...

In late March, I wrote about the abrupt departure of Andrew Byrd as administrator of Caton Merchant House, where my dad has lived since October. At the time, there was great and warranted concern among the residents, their families, and the staff whether CMH would continue to be the same comfortable, warm, caring place that it was under Andrew's leadership. Mandy Dickinson, assistant administrator, took over as interim, and I am happy to report that CMH remains the same family-oriented place with an incredible staff who care deeply for their charges.

To the best of my knowledge, a new administrator has not been named yet, but I understand Mandy is in the running. I hope she gets it.

As I have talked to the staff during the past couple of months, they agreed on one thing: they would continue to provide the same quality of care that they did under Andrew. When I talked with Andrew shortly after his departure, his primary concern was for the residents and that they continue to receive the same level of care as before. This was Andrew's legacy to CMH, and the staff and volunteers have carried it forward.

And so, although there was a palpable sadness for a week or so after Andrew left, I still get a good sunny feeling when I go over to see my dad and walk the bright halls of CMH, greeted by residents, staff, and friends who have all become like family to us and to each other. Keep on keeping on, CMH! We're right here behind you!


  1. Dan, thanks for everything you do in the writing community! Your blog adds so much. Here's a request: please add a visible link to your columns, possibly somewhere prominent in the sidebar. Also, link to other organizations you participate in. Everyone should know how very cool you are.

    Good luck to you and your Dad!

  2. What a beautiful post. Caregivers are angels.