Thursday, October 27, 2011

That Other Cat That Lives in Our House

A couple of people who read yesterday's post about cat food cans and my efforts to open one after the ring pull pulled right off wanted to know more about our auxiliary cat, Tuxedo.  Actually, yesterday's post wasn't about Nacho, my cat, but poor Tuxedo was scarcely mentioned at ll other than to say she is wacky, which she is. So I'll write about Tuxedo since she makes me smile.

Tuxedo belonged to Mrs. Karlene Pankey, a kind and gracious lady who was the mother of our brother-in-law Jerry Pankey, one of the most decent fellows I know. Mrs. Pankey passed away a couple of years ago and Tuxedo needed a new home.  We had met her before: she crawled along the floor on her stomach--I had never seen a cat do that--and she totally relaxed in a sprawled position.

Tuxedo belonged to a couple of other people before she got to us and as a result was rather disoriented. It has taken her the better part of a year to calm down. She greets me when I go into the studio each morning to feed her by crawling along the floor, but she saves her primary displays for her favorite, Becky goes in and Tuxedo climbs on her legs and totally relaxes. She is a good cat, and one we're pleased to have.

My hope is that Nacho and Tuxedo will learn to live together in peace. So may we.                                                                                                                   

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