Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well Suited

My father decided about last Thursday that he would like to go to church. He had not been for a while because of illness and other circumstances, but to do so, he felt he had to wear a suit and neither of the two suits he had fit him.

We asked Becky, the shopper par excellence, where the best place to buy a suit was. She recommended with Peebles or Kohl's. So off we went to Peebles since it was closer and we had a coupon.

Now, it should be noted that neither one of us knows much about shopping and especially about shopping for clothes.  I am fortunate that Becky buys my clothes for me since I have no idea of color or style. My dad keeps wearing what he has, and,since he's easy on clothes, it's not unusual to see him in something he's had for twenty-five or thirty years. Probably more men would do this if they thought they could get away with it.

Of, course, neither of us knew his measurements. He never did, I think, and I had no reason to.  I took a flexible tape and played tailor and succeeded only in confusing myself. So then we adopted the guy expedient of trying on as many clothes as possible to approximate the correct fit. It's a process of elimination--a loooooog process of elimination--and after about an hour of trying on a discarded clothes we settled on a coodinated suit jacket/pants combination and picked out a couple of buy-one-get-one free shirts. I hand selected a reddish tie and we were all set after only about an hour and a half.

And here are the results. Judge for yourself how we did.


  1. Interestingly, as a I scrolled back up the page after reading about the adventures of Misty 6 an advert for finding a windshield replacement was at the top. What a co-inky-dink!

  2. Yeah, Uncle Nick, Google picks up on key words and displays ads related to them. Good thing I'd never write about certain subjects. Who knows what kind of ads they would engender?