Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poem of the Week: Daylight Saving Time by Justin Gluchowski

Today's poem of the week is a "found poem." Justin Gluchowski, a Facebook and family friend, and member of the Manassas Chorale, had posted a comment about Daylight Saving Time on his FB page. Reading his words, it seemed to me that there was poetry in what he had to say. I lineated the prose and sent the piece to him for his approval and for permission to put it here. Justin insists that it's not poetry, just thoughts. I think it is quite poetic. Note the sense of rhythm throughout and profound ideas paired with the pedestrian task of setting the clocks ahead. And so, here is

Daylight Saving Time

Today we have one hour less
To say what should be said
To do what needs to be done
One hour less
To make someone smile
To turn tears of sadness to gladness.
Give back
Today of all days
That which man
Has taken from us:

Justin Gluchowski

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