Friday, July 6, 2012

The Continuing No Shame Poetry Series Presents "Book Review"

Book Review

I see that John Grisham has a new book,
Calico Joe, about a baseball player who
Disappears suddenly one day.
I would like to read it
Since I like John Grisham
And I like baseball.

The title, however, made me think
That the book was about a horse or a dog
Since "Calico Joe" does not sound like a name
For a baseball player. "Shoeless Joe" and
"The Bambino" and "The Splendid Splinter,"
sound like names for ball players and indeed they are
But "Calico Joe?" Why not "Gingham Fred"
Or "Cotton/Polyester Blend Barney?"
I think you see my point.

I remember reading books about animals
When I was a lad.
I especially liked Black Beauty which is
About a horse
And one called Beautiful Joe
About an exceptionally ugly dog
Beloved by children.
Even as a child, I understood the
Post-ironic nature of the dog's name
That he was a beautiful soul
In spite of his physical appearance.

I think that was an important early lesson to me
And I try not to judge on appearances
Although it's hard not to do so

And so, I cannot tell you about the book
Calico Joe because I have not read it
And although I don't like the title
Because it is about baseball and by John Grisham
I just bet that
It is a good book.

--Dan Verner

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