Friday, July 27, 2012

The Continuing No Shame Poetry Series Presents "Back Here on Earth"

Before we get to our regularly scheduled shameless poetry post, we here at the Biscuit City Studios want to welcome Bill Mustin of Signarama in Woodbridge as sponsor of the glass enclosed Observation Post. Welcome Bill! Readers may check out his website at Bill@signarama-Woodbridge/ Bill and his company made up the new Write by the Rails banner. Look for it at a book event near you! And now to our poem!

Back Here on Earth

5 AM

The moon is a white-hot crescent
Tangled in black reticulated terminal tree limbs
As I walk barefoot down the stone cold driveway
To retrieve the paper in its plastic bag.
All around in a panoramic aural display
Unseen birds are calling, filling
These nether regions with their song.

--Dan Verner

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  1. Lovely, Dan. You need to move it immediately from the "Shameless" category!