Monday, August 20, 2012

Memory, Part 2

Don't worry, no singing involved with this post, either.

I need one of these!

I had written about how most of my daily activities center around doing whatever will help me remember what to take where and also when something is going to happen.

There's a sub-category of forgetfulness, and that has to do with packing for a trip. We have been more places this summer than usual and several "incidents" have occurred.

I invariably forget one thing when I travel. Usually it's something easily replaced such as shampoo.

Other times, it's not so easy. Last summer, when we went to state music camp, I forgot to pack a spare pair of reading glasses, which I could have used when one of those tiny little screws fell out of the glasses I had taken. Luckily, Becky had an extra pair and I used those until we could get to Sears Optical and the nice lady replaced the screw. For free. That was nice.

This summer, I forgot the charger for my phone. Walgreens to the rescue!

I also have forgotten to take socks and spent time that trip chasing around Williamsburg looking for a pair. The most important item I had forgotten heretofore was the shirt for my tux. I replaced it in Williamsburg at an exclusive men's shop that charged an exclusive price for a tux shirt. Live and learn, you'd think.

Another time we wanted to go to a funeral connected to a church family while we were in Lynchburg. I had only packed shorts and sandals (and shirts, etc.), but I didn't want to show up at the funeral in shorts. So, we went by the local Belk and I bought some slacks. Which I wore with my sandals. Casual but respectful, I hoped.

This past weekend, though, we drove to a funeral in Durham and guess what I left? My suit. And the shirt. And shoes. And socks and a tie. (I was wearing a belt.) The whole outfit was in a nice garment bag, safely lying on the bed. When I realized it we were three hours down the road and there was no going back. So, we went off to Kohl's in Durham and Becky helped me outfit myself. I rather like the ensemble she came up with.

So, these things happen.I was sharing my genius with some people at the reception and they allowed as how they had forgotten matched shoes for a wedding (not easily duplicated), a tux jacket, and a bridesmaid's dress. In every case there was a workaround. We've participated in those, even one time scaring up a tuxedo for a performer who had forgotten his.

So I guess I don't feel so bad about my packing memory problems. But, in any case, I'm going to start using a checklist. If only I can remember to do so.

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  1. Dan, you're the best! Usually, I am in charge of packing for everyone in the household, plus delegating pet prep. "Do you have an extra shirt? Do you have your toothbrush? Did you put extra water out for the cats?"

    As a result, at least twice, I have forgotten to pack my own underwear. So don't feel bad.