Monday, August 6, 2012

We're on Vacation!

That's spelled V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, and that's where we'll be, so we're shutting down the glass-enclosed observation post here at Biscuit City Enterprises and are scattering to the four corners of the country.

DV is going to have a staycation and work on catching up on old issues of National Geographic the way his hero Andy Griffith used to do on his vacation.

Chief of Staff Molly Bolt is leaving for an undisclosed location. Word is she needs a break from her sister Dolly Grip, Holly Berry, and Jolly St. Nicholas since they have been staying with her for the past month. Molly seems exhausted and we hope she can rest and recharge this week.

Harrison Bergeron has a pile of books to review so he too is sequestering himself as well. There is probably no truth to the rumor that he and Molly are off together. It's just a friendship, folks.

Nancy Whiskey will go back to Florida to compete in the Amateur Beach Volleyball Nationals following her release from her suspension for hitting too hard in the games this spring. Harrison Schmidt will be going to keep score for the girls. He says he likes their uniforms.

B. Russell Sprout will visit Belgium to see some family, mostly cousins. We hope he brings back chocolate.

CEO NK will work on undisclosed projects designed to bring Biscuit City Enterprises continuing honor and glory. She's a worker, our Nancy!

Enjoy your week off folks! We'll enjoy ours!

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