Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poem of the Week: Anticipating Sandy by Mary McElveen

Anticipating Sandy 

Ready! Set!
Arriving tomorrow!
The 24/7 Cassandras
with all their techno-toys
predict a big one:
the biggest, strongest,
highest, lowest, most destructive,
longest, widest, tallest
monster wind and wave
An epic storm, a perfect storm,
a storm of the barely-begun
Just one day left, so
board up your windows,
batten the hatches,
raid the markets,
and lock up your daughters!
Stock up on water, find your flashlights,
and where are the batteries?
Gas up your car, and tie down the cat.
Charge and charge again
electronic devices that govern your lives.
Pack your bags; prepare to run.

Is this what we've become?
Masters of the universe,
but fearful of the wind? 

Mary McElveen

(Mary is my friend, colleague and the former Poet Laureate of Alexandria,  Virginia. She blogs on alexpoet. My thanks to her for letting me share this poem.)

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