Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day of Service

Last Saturday was the National Day of Service (more information at I know Biscuit City readers are involved in all kinds of service year 'round, and I salute you for that. I'd like to suggest one way local folks in the Manassas/Prince William area can be of service to some of our older residents. These people by and large don't "do computers," and with the recent loss of the News and Messenger print edition, I've heard a number of them say they have no way of keeping up with recent news, including deaths and obituaries. (Prince William Today comes out once a week)

So, my suggestion for service is this: if you know someone who can't or doesn't go online for news, give them a call or, even better, a visit, and take a few minutes to catch them up on the local news, not just the recent deaths. I know they will appreciate it and I believe you will enjoy making a difference in their day.

Here's the website for local news coverage:

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  1. Let me add to that. It may not just be the local news and obituaries that some of the elderly may need. I've often thought that an occasional visit does wonders for people who don't get out much, or may not have that many visitors. I know my mom absolutely loves it when someone from her old church drops by--even for a few minutes.