Monday, January 14, 2013

Well Vetted

We have always had at least one cat in the house since we set up housekeeping nearly 40 years ago, and most of the time, two felines. Yep, we're cat people, and most of that time we have taken our critters to Prince William Animal Hospital on Nokesville Road south of Manassas. The care for our pets has been outstanding. The love of the whole staff for animals is evident, and they have gotten us through injuries, infections, diabetes, and the death of at least a couple of our charges.

So, here's to you, Drs. Brown, Verloop, Nostrand, and Scher (and Medici, who is no longer with the practice), vet techs Xander, Philip, and others whose names I don't know; receptionists Carleigh, Rachel and  Tonya (and others again whose names I don't know). All of you are top notch in our book!

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  1. Well-done. These people are too often unappreciated. Our vet in Burke (whose name escapes me now) actually taught me how to remove fluid from our cat's chest cavity with a syringe, then allowed me to come back to the animal hospital and do the procedure under her supervision every week--without charge--so I didn't have to worry about doing it wrong. Which prolonged his life about 6 months. And saw us through that cat's death and that of two other animals that same year. She was a gem.