Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nacho the Medical Cat

Nacho the Medical Cat Off Duty in a D-28 Case

Nacho the Cat, described accurately by her vet as a "dog in a cat suit" has been with us since 2002 or 3, when Alyssa picked her out from the animal shelter. She has taken a liking to me (so she's "my" cat) and is a terrific companion. However during these years we have noticed that Nacho also has medical training.

When Becky broke her hip a number of years ago, while she was healing, Nacho came and got very close to the healing hip. As Becky underwent physical therapy and improved, Nacho moved to the bottom of the bed and then to a chair across the room and finally to the entrance of the room. She seemed to sense the progress of Becky's healing.

We've since noticed this phenomenon on other occasions. I'm told by people who study cats that they see us as large cats who provide them food and protection. It makes sense that when they sense that their "big cat leader" is injured that they do what they can to protect their protector.

So, there's another role for cats: they're cute, furry, entertaining, sure, but you can add body guard and healer to that list as well.

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  1. Yup. When one of us is sick and our cat snuggles with us (or on us), we call him "medical kitty." I also have "desk kitty" who takes up most of my work space, sometimes including my keyboard and mouse pad, but I think I'm repeating myself.