Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bonus Travel Post

I heard from several people with excellent ideas to "must see" places in the D.C. area. Here they are--thanks, Alyssa, Nick, Mary Mac and J.C.!

Alyssa's additions: 

1) Bluemont Vineyard--on a clear day you can see the Washington Monument, on an cloudy day you can just drink.
2) The Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Memorial late at night. Really cool looking, and a much different vibe than during the day.
3) Middleburg. Good food and you can pretend to be fancy. If it was good enough for Jackie O, it is good enough for me.
4) Great Falls and/or Prince William Forest Park. Good hiking!

Nick Pegram: 

Since you mentioned Williamsburg, I would suggest the Virginia State Capitol building in Richmond. I have not been since they opened the new visitors center, but it is a beautiful Jefferson inspired building.

Mary and J. C. McElveen:

The Jefferson Hotel and Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Monticello (of course!--DV), Congressional Cemetery in D.C.

Excellent additions, blog people.  Keep them coming!


  1. Since you will be spending the night at the Jefferson, you might want to visit the Edgar Allen Poe museum, St. John's Church, St. Paul's Church (across from the state capitol), Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Dooley Mansion (a Victorian at Maymont Park), the Valentine Museum, and the White House of the Confederacy. Before leaving take a ride down Monument Avenue that includes statues of famous war hero's, Arthur Ashe, and other people of note. Now that I look back at the list you might want to book two nights at the Jefferson.

  2. A great list from someone who knows! Thanks, Uncle Nick!