Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Travel Tips

Stevie Wonder had a song featuring a lot of harmonica called "Fingertips, Parts 1 and 2." I could have called this "Travel Tips, Part 2," but I don't know if the connection would have been evident without some explanation.  Anyhow, call it what you want.

You might recall that I wrote about the wisdom of having duplicates of certain items while traveling. My glasses came apart and I did not have a spare. Luckily, Becky did and I was able to use those until I had mine repaired. I should add that we are about 10 minutes away from a basic convenience store, 15 away from a Walgreen's and 30 minutes away from a mall. The time and distance are not the problem: the problem is finding time in a fairly busy schedule to go shopping.

So--I think I wrote that we brought a laptop and a netbook, which seems like wretched excess, but we have ended up using them at the same time.  Becky has done the bulletin for Sunday and emailed it in and conducted other business; I have written here and kept up with email. We had duplicate computers: what we didn't have was extra batteries for the cordless mice (mouses? meece?). And you guessed it: the batteries went out on both within fifteen minutes of each other. I could have pirated (arr!) the AA's from the camera, which does have a spare set, but we made the trip down the mountain for more.

I suppose it's difficult to think of every thing one needs on a trip, but I've learned of a couple: glasses and batteries.  I'm sure there are more, but I don't want to find out this week what they are.

Flash Dance Update: It happens on the lower main parking lot this evening at 6 PM.  We can't use the upper part of the lot because it slopes so steeply. One young woman tried busting some moves on the upper lot and found she fell over.  And she is coordinated.  A crew has been out marking the lines for us to stand on, although they're not sure the tape they used will stick in the 100 degree temperatures (heat index of 103 degrees) predicted for today. I'll have a full report tomorrow.

Here's the reaction to this event on Facebook from our daughter Alyssa: My parents are going to be part of a flash mob. My mother is not sure if they did "the pony" or not. Please excuse me while I go prepare for the impending apocalypse. (When they enter a beer pong tournament, that's when I will go hide in a bunker.) ...I am for real. And they are doing this as part of a Baptist church camp... I'm actually kind of terrified.

Who said the old folks can't boogie?


  1. Maybe Alyssa could do one of those new Toyota commercials...?

  2. I could drive my Toyota to my apocalypse bunker.