Monday, November 28, 2011

Days of the Week

When I was a kid in elementary school, before the earth had a chance to cool from its creation, we used to sing a little song about the days of the week.  Remember, this was before the video games, so this was considered high art and exceptional entertainment.

The song, as I recall it, went like this:

Today's Monday, today's Monday, Monday washday,
Everybody happy? Well, I should say!

Today's Tuesday, today's Tuesday, Tuesday string beans, Monday washday,
Everybody happy? Well, I should say!

As you can see, this is an accretional song (that's not the actual name for it: I can't think of the actual name. It's like "The Twelve Days of Christmas where the singer(s) keep(s) (<==I hope you know what I mean here. There's no good way to cover all the bases. I'm trying to indicate "singers sing" and "singer sings" at the same time, indicating I do have a knowledge of basic subject-verb agreement for the verb "to sing.) adding things to each verse. Wait, my friend Wikipedia tells me that it's a "cumulative" song. I like accretional better. You call it what you like). That's part of the raging entertainment value of singing it.

As I remember it, the rest of the days were:

Wednesday, soup
Thursday, roast beef
Friday, fish
Saturday, fun day
Sunday, church

One year we made up appropriate hand gestures for each day which our teacher hated for some reason, so we had to do them under our desks.

I was thinking about this song recently with all the publicity and hype about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I think both are media constructs to make money and oversimplify complex phenomena (i.e., the economy and the behavior of consumers), but we could add a few to the week after Thanksgiving.

After Black Friday we could have either Red or White Saturday. Either color in this case has no particular symbolism or meaning. It's just a contrasting color to black.

Sunday could be Church Attendance Day. That just seems to fit in nicely.

Tuesday could be No Shopping Tuesday, which I know would not be good for the economy, which, if you will remember, is a media construct. Or something.

Wednesday would be Take a Nice Quiet Walk Wednesday because it alliterates and quiet walks are good things during the holiday season, especially when we've had the kind of weather we have had.

Thursday could be Fun Day because I like the sound of it and everyone needs a little fun in their lives.

Those are my ideas for days after Thanksgiving. I hope you have some of your own and you will share them with us.


  1. These are great ideas. I see you've avoided certain colors, like brown and yellow. I guess nobody wants to have "Brown Tuesday" or something. I wonder why that is.

  2. Thursday should be Nap Day. Actually, every day should be Nap Day.

  3. @Mary: Good point. If we went with all colors, you can have Red Sunday, Brown Monday (for peoples' moods on Mondays), Yellow Tuesday, etc. You can assign the colors to the days since it was your idea!

    @Alyssa: I like everyday for Nap Day. You could then sing, "Today's some day, today's some day! Some day, Nap Day, everybody happy? You bet your a**!" Doesn't rhyme but has the ring of truth.