Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poem for December

Nope, I didn't write this. Wish I had, but couldn't have, in a million years. Enjoy the sonnet. (It's one difficult thing to write a sonnet; it's another to write one that doesn't seem like it's a sonnet. Wow.)


by Gary Johnson

A little girl is singing for the faithful to come ye
Joyful and triumphant, a song she loves,
And also the partridge in a pear tree
And the golden rings and the turtle doves.
In the dark streets, red lights and green and blue
Where the faithful live, some joyful, some troubled,
Enduring the cold and also the flu,
Taking the garbage out and keeping the sidewalk shoveled.
Not much triumph going on here—and yet
There is much we do not understand.
And my hopes and fears are met
In this small singer holding onto my hand.            

Onward we go, faithfully, into the dark     
And are there angels hovering overhead? Hark.

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