Friday, December 9, 2011

A Sad Murmur

I had intended to write about the Chorale's Candlelight Concert last night at Bruton Parish Church here in Williamsburg but I am too sad to write abut music this morning. Yesterday a campus policeman at Vriginia tech was shot a killed by a gunman who was also shot and killed. Then, some of our Chorale members were delayed coming down here because I-95 was totally shut down after someone shot a state trooper near Thornburg. Both people survived those shootings although the trooper has non-life-threatening injuries and the shooter life-threatening ones.

I think Virginia has prided itself on a long tradition of decorum and social order, and by and large that is the case. When these horrible things happen, perhaps they seem worse in the light of the usual way of life we enjoy. My condolences, prayers and heartfelt sympathy to the policemen involved in these incidents, to their families, and to the tech community which once again has suffered an awful tragedy. I am trying hard to find it within my heart to pray for the perpetrators of these crimes, which I know I should but am finding only anger at some people who must have been deranged.

May Christ have mercy on us all.

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