Monday, December 26, 2011

Siding with the House and Hollies

For those of you who have been asking about our siding job, here are some pictures. The project was completed in four days by Greco Remodelers, the same folks who redid our kitchen four years ago. The picture above is a shot of the front of the house. The siding color is a cream shade ; no doubt like the  pine trees lining a winding road,  it has a name,  but I don't know what it is. Visible in the front shot are the porch's carol sticks, our American flag and the decorative red holiday bow on the lamppost with the solar lamp head. (Center of the picture) Shutters to be put back on the upper story and all shutters to be painted dark gray by someone both intelligent and charming. Ahem.

South side of the house, showing the chimney for the two fireplaces we never use, upper story bedroom windows, including the window to the right of the computer room where I sit writing this (hi, Mom!), the functional yet ugly basement windows, the inadvertent growth of ivy on the chimney (blasted plant from the far reaches of Hell), the large holly tree to the left and the poor stumps of two holly shrubs (left and right) and one pyracantha (center). John Greco plans to add "Landscaping" to "Remodeling" on the corporate sign, he tells me. John's a great guy. If the hollies don't come out (the pyracantha will--you can't kill one) he'll replace them. Can't beat that!

Rear of the house showing some of the 4000 windows on the back. From the lower patio on the left to the top of the wall is about 40 feet. Dizzying, all right. Our deck to the right, scene of my survival of the quake of 2011. Notice how I neatly avoided sun flare by squatting down to take the picture. Excuse me, is that National Geographic calling? It must be!

Shot to right of the previous one. The large black bulky object above the Kelly green deck facing is our four-burner propane grill. To the right, a utilitarian yet essential display of the designer concrete block steps to the yard, and our recycling bin and main trash can.

North side of the house, with the lovely white storm door from Lowes installed by moi, the picture window of the studio and a reasonably pruned holly tree. The ground is brown here because it's mud.

All this looks like a real estate ad. Make me an offer north of $400,000 and it's yours. I'll even throw in the shutters free!

Closer shot of the Enchanted Forest of Sticks on the south side (the baddest part of the yard). Bets available on whether they will come back or not. Current odds: 5:1  that they will come back. Notice the photographer's shadow in the foreground, sign of a true professional. I'm also available for weddings.

Thanks for playing What We Finally Had Done to the House. Tune in next year when we feature Windows from this Century!

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  1. What’s good about sidings is that they add aesthetic value to a house when installed. Aside from that, they also allow for good ventilation. Painting your walls would be more enjoyable with that, don’t you think?

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