Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Report on Pruning

You might remember that I went on about pruning my hollies last week. Well, I finished, and here are the results. First, a "before" picture of the big (about 35 feet tall) holly:

And here's an "after":
 I know the second picture is dark, but maybe you can see the difference. The tree is thinned out and shaped up.I have a pile of prunings the size of a Volkswagen in the back yard from the one large holly and three smaller ones (and the unfortunate pyracantha.)

Here's a "before" of one of the smaller hollies. It's different from the bigger holly and I wish I knew what its name is, but I don't. Mary Gray, don't laugh at my ignorance too much! :^) The leaves on the two hollies are different so they must be different varieties:

And here's an "after":

And here's the pile of prunings, somewhat reduced by about 25% after yard waste pickup day on Monday.

The pruning of the four trees took about ten hours total, not including cleanup which is still going on. Does anyone have more fun that I do?  I think not!

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  1. Wow! Ten hours is a lot of pruning! Looks much better, though! And the second holly has lots of nice berries...could you use any of the clippings as xmas decorations?

    Also, I got a glimpse of your landscape timbers in that first shot!